IASIC Annual Report 2021 - First year accomplishments

The IASIC board of directors would like to thank our Expert Physician Council, Expert Affiliate Council and Donors for your support in creating IASIC and contributing to a successful first year. We could not have achieved what we did without you. A heartful thank you to all of you as we reflect on 2021 and share some of our accomplishments.

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Sacramento County Prevention Summit

The Sacramento County Coalition for Youth presents the Sacramento County Prevention Summit:  bringing together educators, parents, prevention & treatment providers, community agencies, medical professionals, law enforcement and community members to educate and build capacity around youth substance use prevention. The summit will feature keynotes and workshops from state and national experts, perspectives from local leaders and educational opportunities focused on recreational marijuana normalization, current trends in youth substance use and strategies designed to limit youth access in our community.

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Teens are vaping fentanyl, Rocky Mountain poison center warns

 Rocky Mountain Poison Center is issuing a warning for parents following a recent cluster of adolescents overdosing on opioids. 

“One of the things we have noticed recently is we have gotten a fair number of calls to our poison center for young people, adolescents, who have been experimenting with vaping fentanyl,” Dr. Christopher Hoyte said.

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2021 San Diego County Marijuana Prevention Initiative Report

California voters passed Proposition 64, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, on November 4, 2016, legalizing the adult use and possession of marijuana. Retail sales of marijuana products began in 2018. The San Diego County Marijuana Prevention Initiative (MPI) published an initial report in early 2016 and a subsequent report in 2020. Previous reports included local marijuana-related trends to assess baseline data and identify important public health issues. This new report presents trends and public health data related to youth marijuana use and documents changes observed following legalization.

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MPI Drug Interactions Info Cards (English and Spanish)

The MPI most recently formed a partnership with local doctors and pharmacies to provide education to the community on potential drug interactions between marijuana and medications (both prescribed and over the counter). Seventeen local pharmacies are participating in the consumer protections project and are distributing informational resources to patients receiving prescriptions. Preliminary data from the program shows high levels of interest from patients to receive information on potential adverse effects.

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