CCR’s Evaluation Resources arm provides applied research, survey development, data collection, and analyses to stakeholders and partners throughout the county including County Behavioral Health Services, law enforcement, schools, and community members. To engage in meaningful research and evaluation activities, CCR developed and uses our Community Empowerment Model in its work, which encompass the best elements of Utilization-Focused, Empowerment, Participatory, and Strength-Based approaches to evaluation practice.

CCR staff maximize available resources by utilizing an assortment of complementary evaluation activities and services such as: evaluation training, technical assistance, meetings, and involving participants in the evaluation process (e.g., developing evaluation plans and logic models, identifying key outcomes and related measures, collecting data, and reporting findings). Through our work, CCR has been able to: (a) assess community conditions that contribute to youth drug/alcohol use and other complex social problems; (b) measure change in key data indicators over time; and (c) evaluate the collective impact of system-level partners, parents, and youth working together towards community well-being and safety.

Our team prides itself in providing stakeholders with data in a timely basis and providing information to inform and track efforts.

Selected additional competencies include:

  • Ability to work with diverse stakeholder groups in multiple languages;
  • Identifying and sharing best practices for evaluation and prevention services;
  • Collecting high quality evaluation data to demonstrate the impacts of a strategy, policy or program implementation over time;
  • Leveraging resources to provide efficient and effective evaluation services; and
  • Building stakeholder capacity to use and make meaningful interpretations of data.

Annual Progress Report, FY 18-19


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Annual Progress Report, FY 17-18


Literature Review: Best Prevention Practices for Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)