Diversity and Inclusion

As a team, we are committed to the inclusion of diverse perspectives in our work by valuing and honoring all voices. We intentionally obtain input about the specific needs of the populations we serve to ensure our approach best aligns with our diverse communities.

Across all of our efforts, our team engages a diverse mix of stakeholders to ensure meaningful participation, shared decision making, voice and collective ownership of projects. We incorporate a systems-level approach that allows for lasting equitable change and empowers the community to take leadership in making decisions and designing solutions and strategies to meet and serve their needs. Further, systems-level strategies allow us to identify the root causes of inequities to develop impactful and meaningful strategies for the communities we serve.

Our team utilizes a highly participatory process when developing data collection tools and methodologies to ensure our methods address the diversity of the community where data collection will be done. Specifically, our team works collaboratively with the stakeholder groups participating in data collection early in the development process to ensure data collection tools are designed to reflect the community context where data collection will occur. With stakeholder input early on, data collection instruments are better designed to be inclusive of the intended community, reflect community context and be culturally and linguistically appropriate for administration.