CCR's Commitment to community-focused public health and prevention strategy spans 15 years, across the san diego region and nationally.

Our Commitment


As a team, we are committed to the inclusion of diverse perspectives in our work by valuing and honoring all voices. We intentionally obtain input about the specific needs of the populations we serve to ensure our approach best aligns with our diverse communities.

In every project, our team cultivates a diverse environment of stakeholders to invite wide participation, shared decision-making, unique voices, and collective ownership. We incorporate a systems-level approach that allows for lasting equitable change and empowers the community to take leadership in making decisions and designing solutions and strategies to serve their needs.  

This inclusive approach guarantees that our tools and resources are relevant and resonate with the very people they are designed to serve. With stakeholder input early on, materials are better designed to reflect community context and be culturally and linguistically appropriate.

At CCR, we actively invest in these principles every single day, ensuring our mission is not just a statement, but a daily practice.

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Our Services

Our core services include: evidence-based programs and practices, evaluation plan design and implementation, data analysis, report development, technical assistance, stakeholder engagement, and media advocacy.

Our team holds subject matter expertise in: alcohol and drug prevention, harm reduction, mental health, public health and safety, education, and messaging.

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CCR is proud to be a Certified “Live Well San Diego” Partner Organization since 2019.

CCR excels in the implementation of data collection methodologies and tools that have greatly assisted a variety of countywide programs and initiatives that are striving to improve the public health and safety of our communities.

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