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CPHI: Reducing Underage Use of Cannabis

The San Diego County Cannabis Public Health Initiative (CPHI) works to reduce youth access to cannabis by increasing public awareness regarding the adverse effects resulting from youth cannabis use. Our efforts are aimed at providing the science behind youth cannabis use and its public health impacts. The CPHI partners with schools/districts, treatment centers, agencies serving unhoused youth, probation, public safety, community colleges and local universities. The Initiative additionally supports regional capacity building through the SAMSHA Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) Region-9 as an Advisory Board Member.

Substance Use & Overdose Prevention Taskforce


The Substance Use and Overdose Prevention Taskforce (SUOPT) embodies a multi-disciplinary approach to minimizing the impacts of substance use in our community. SUOPT is a coalition of professionals and community members dedicated to reducing substance use harm. The Initiative convenes Quarterly Meetings to foster open communication and teamwork among partners.

To enhance collective impact, SUOPT has subcommittees focused on specific concerns within healthcare, education, community, and public safety. These committees foster information exchange and the sharing of data and innovative strategies. To learn more or get involved, please email

The SUOPT’s Annual Report Card provides valuable insights and data on the current local landscape and trends over time. To access the report and other helpful resources, please visit the SUOPT website or explore our YouTube library below.

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Over the past 5 years, we have worked closely with CCR to identify trends among “at risk” populations of youth in order to help guide alcohol and drug prevention interventions across San Diego County.

— San Diego Office of Education

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CCR proudly serves the San Diego region through multiple key Initiatives and Programs aimed at addressing public health issues: the San Diego County Substance Use and Overdose Prevention Taskforce (SUOPT), the Countywide Media Advocacy Initiative (CWMA), the San Diego County Cannabis Public Health Initiative (CPHI), and Evaluation Resources.

Our success is based on our collaborative, community-based approach utilizing data to inform our campaigns.

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