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About CWMA

The Countywide Media Advocacy (CWMA) project actively engages prevention advocates, regional providers, and community members to strengthen the County’s Substance Use Prevention System's media outreach and advocacy goals. Our experienced team offers comprehensive public speaker training to prepare stakeholders and their partners with the necessary skills to effectively communicate across various news media platforms, including print, television, social media, and more.

Our primary goal is to enhance the scope and influence of prevention by providing tailored training, advanced technical assistance, and nurturing partnerships with Spanish and English news platforms. We are committed to empowering youth and adult community advocates with essential skills and tools to engage confidently with media outlets and to bring their data-informed messages to the forefront of community discourse.

To learn more about the CWMA Project or inquire about training opportunities for adults and youth, please reach out to us at You may also explore our extensive YouTube library which provides additional insights and lessons on effective media communication.  

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Over the past 5 years, we have worked closely with CCR to identify trends among “at risk” populations of youth in order to help guide alcohol and drug prevention interventions across San Diego County.

— San Diego Office of Education

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CCR proudly serves the San Diego region through multiple key Initiatives and Programs aimed at addressing public health issues: the San Diego County Substance Use and Overdose Prevention Taskforce (SUOPT), the Countywide Media Advocacy Initiative (CWMA), the San Diego County Cannabis Public Health Initiative (CPHI), and Evaluation Resources.

Our success is based on our collaborative, community-based approach utilizing data to inform our campaigns.

Data-Informed Practice
Metrics to Guide Community-Level Prevention