MPI and Illinois Higher Education Center Training

MPI is proud to partner with Eastern Illinois University for the upcoming training series on marijuana. The session titled; What we learned since marijuana was legalized will be an opportunity to hear about trends post legalization and challenges facing public health.

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Let your voices be heard! Board of Supervisor Meeting - January 27, 2021

Upcoming Board of Supervisor’s meeting on January 27, 2021. The board will decide to expand the marijuana industry throughout the County including on-site consumption lounges. This item will dramatically increase access to marijuana in County Unincorporated areas. We encourage you to let your voices be heard. If you would like to submit a comment or call in.  We attached the directions on how to do so.


Submit an eComment!
The most direct way to voice your opinion for upcoming Board meeting agenda items is through a service called eComment. You can start submitting eComments when the agenda is released, typically the Wednesday  before the meeting. eComments can even be submitted during the meeting.

Public comments on agenda items will be available to view online and the number of comments received on each agenda item will be stated during the meeting. All eComments will be entered into the administrative record of the meeting.

Call-In Your Comments
If you’d like to speak to the Board during the meeting, please follow these steps to request to speak:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Board of Supervisors tele-comments form to request to speak during the meeting via teleconference. The form must be submitted before the meeting starts. After completing the form, you’ll get instructions on how to call in to the meeting.
  • Step 2: Watch or listen to the meeting.
  • Step 3: When the Board of Supervisors begins to discuss the agenda item you want to comment on, call in to the conference line and turn off your TV or live stream. You’ll continue to hear the Board meeting after calling in. Please do not call until the item you want to speak about is being discussed.
  • Step 4: When it is time for public comments on the item you want to speak about, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors staff will unmute your phone. You’ll hear a prompt that will indicate your phone is unmuted. You may need to press *6 on your phone to unmute yourself. Staff will then ask you to state your name and begin your comments.

Updated EVALI cases in San Diego - January 2021

As of January 6, 2021, there have been 62 confirmed and probable EVALI cases reported among San Diego County residents. All cases were hospitalized and there has been one death. Ages of patients have ranged from 17 to 76 years, with a median age of 30.5 years, and 50% have been male.

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Public Health Data - 2020 California Marijuana Impact Report

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – According to findings of the 2020 CA Marijuana Impact Report, stronger potency in pot products has led to an upward trend in hospital emergency room discharges related to a cannabis use disorder.

The new report on marijuana-related public health issues was released Thursday. The report also highlighted the increase in youth vaping and emergency room discharges.

The average potency of THC, the primary psychoactive chemical found in marijuana is at its highest levels in history, according to the report. There has been a 350% increase in potency between 1995 – 2018. Additionally, marijuana concentrates can contain up to 90% THC.

The most recent findings from the monitoring the future survey indicated the largest single-year increases in adolescent marijuana vaping ever recorded in the surveys 45-year history.

Statewide emergency department data indicate a continued increase in marijuana-related visits. From 2016 to 2019, California Emergency Department visits and admissions for any related marijuana misuse has increased by 89%.

The report said Marijuana remains the primary drug of choice for youth ages 12-17 entering treatment.

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MPI News Conference - HIDTA Releases 2020 Marijuana Impact Report

According to findings of the 2020 HIDTA CA Marijuana Impact Report, stronger potency in pot products has led to an upward trend in hospital emergency room discharges related to cannabis use disorder. Youth vaping has increased for all grades with kids using it more frequently and at a younger age.

The new report on marijuana-related public health issues was released Tuesday.

The report is expected to highlight the increase in youth vaping and emergency room discharges.

SANDAG Director of Research and Program Management, Doctor Cynthia Burke, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the report.

For a copy of the full report check our website under documents and data.

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