Local Libraries and Online Books

A good book can provide entertainment and comfort as we continue to shelter-at-home. Although all local libraries are closed, you can still access books and resources online. There are two library systems in San Diego. Check them out below!

San Diego Public Libraries

Luckily, you can get a library card online. Follow this link to apply. Having a library card gives you access to the eLibrary with The Cloud Library, which has thousands of books available online, and RB Digital for audiobooks, among several other services.

San Diego County Libraries

San Diego County Libraries (SDCL) also have a vast online system.  You can apply for a SDCL library card here. Their eLibrary consists of kids resources, access to thousands of books at Overdrive, internet resources, news, encyclopedias, and more. SDCL also offers a helpful resource guide:

Once you have a library card, the Libby app is an easy way to connect to your library to see what is available.



Highlights of the Week

It’s already May! Here are some highlights from the week.

  • A local Navy Veteran celebrated his 100th birthday and received a special parade – Watch here
  • A San Diego company has switched from making sunglasses to tens of thousands goggles –  Read about it here

More good news can be found at the Good News Network, Upworthy, and Good News from Today.




Free Online Learning

As we continue to practice physical distancing, we can take this time to be productive by learning a new skill or enhancing skills we already have. This could include:

Learning Microsoft 365

Learning a language

Improving your typing skills

Taking a college course or learn almost anything online

Remember, learning can be fun, too. If the above topics seem too dense, there are options to learn a large variety of subjects. There is even a Dog Emotion and Cognition course on Coursera!

Happy learning!


Recipes to Try While Sheltering in Place

Are your frequent walks to the kitchen while working from home not satisfactory? In this article you can find some links to check out if you are looking to diversify your meals or pick up cooking or baking as a new hobby. If you are new to cooking, try watching YouTube videos to learn basic skills.

You probably already have most of the ingredients needed for bread. Here is a link to 15 different types of bread you can try making.

Here are recipes for some famous foods that have been released. Highlights include Disney’s Dole Whip and churro bites recipes.

Recipes with 5 ingredients or less can be found at this USA Today link. has a page specifically devoted to Quarantine Cooking. These recipes are based on foods you might already have in your freezer or cupboard.

Cooking can be fun and maybe this is the time to spend more hours in the kitchen or learn new skills!



Highlights of the Week

This week:

We celebrated the 50th annual Earth Day

San Diego firefighters donated $57K to local group - Read Here

Some Good News aired their Prom 2020 episode for students missing their high school prom - Watch Here

Two dozen pilots to perform 'thank you' flybys for San Diego hospital workers - Read Here

And, as we all have adjusted to Zoom life… here is a guy who imitates every type of Zoom user - Watch Here

If you’re looking for more of this positive content, check out the Good News NetworkUpworthy, and Good News from Today.