Methamphetamine Informational Resource Card

The Neighborhood Safety Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Meth Strike Force, recently developed a resource card with information on methamphetamine. The resource card covers a variety of topics including what meth is, the harms associated with the drug, information about drug overdose, and local and national resources.

The resource card is available for download here.

For more information and support, call 2-1-1.



Highlights of the Week

This week…

  • Feeding San Diego launched its annual Fuel for Summer campaign to ensure that children across San Diego County can access the nutrition they need to grow and thrive over the summer months. Watch the news story here.
  • A leading California-based organ donation charity is still on track for a record setting year. Read the article here.
  • A retired engineer designed a groundbreakingly affordable emergency ventilator. Its simplicity makes it even more useful for rural and developing countries. Read the story here.
  • Qualcomm Donated 900 Computers to San Diego Unified School District, helping to address the "connectivity divide" among students as distance-learning continues. Read about it here.

And today, June 19th, groups all around San Diego and the country are celebrating Juneteenth. Learn more about the holiday and events in San Diego here. Events include virtual performances, conversations, art displays, bonfires, healing circles, and more.

More good news can be found at the Good News Network, Upworthy, and Good News from Today. Have a safe weekend!


How to Avoid Distractions

Whether you are working from home or back in the office, distractions can occur anywhere. Following the lead of this Lifehack article, there are 10 tools and tips you can try to prevent distractions.

  1. Keep Your Vision and Goals in Mind
  2. Reduce the Chaos of Your Day by Focusing on 2 to 3 Important Tasks
  3. Do Those Tasks as Soon as Possible
  4. Focus on Only the Smallest Part of Your Work at a Time
  5. Visualize Yourself Working
  6. Control Your Internal Distractions
  7. Remove External Distractions
  8. Skip What You Don’t Know
  9. Improve Your Discipline With Focus Practice
  10. Manage Your Momentum

If any of these tips are confusing, read the article above to learn more.

Or, as this article from Real Simple explains, the key is to manage your attention, rather than your time. As the article quotes, “’when we say time management, it gives us the illusion that we actually have control over time, when in fact we have none—time marches on no matter what you do.’” Managing your attention involves shifting our understanding and strategies for motivation. 

You can do it!


Upcoming Webinars

The Center for Care Innovations (CCI) works to strengthen the health and well-being of underserved communities. They have two upcoming Webinars that you may find helpful:

Today, June 24 at 12pm PT, CCI Webinar: Designing through People Power —While “design thinking” is a dynamic improvement and innovation tool, it can also facilitate dehumanization and anti-blackness. But when we combine the approach with community organizing — a powerful strategy for building people power and righting injustices — this collaboration has the ability to transform the well-being of our most vulnerable populations.

June 30 at 12pm PT, CCI Webinar: Building a More Creative and Collaborative Culture — Are you having trouble collaborating with your teammates in a virtual environment? Are you burning out on the same old Zoom calls that aren't sparking new ideas? If so, join our workshop where we'll demonstrate how to leverage three tools to bust the boredom, engage your colleagues, and make working remotely more creative!

CCI has also created a forum for people to add resources to support you and your community. Find the Resource Wiki at


Highlights of the Week

Some highlights of the week are:

The San Diego Women’s Foundation awarded $380,000 in grants to eight local non-profits whose work helps refugees and asylum seekers. Read the story here.

As the San Diego Food Bank has needed to feed around 600,000 people, they have launched 35 “super pantries” countywide to increase distribution. Learn more and find a full list of locations here.

The largest animal known to live on the planet, the blue whale, was seen off the coast, a common sight in San Diego summertime. See a video of the whale here.

This weekend, you can look forward to sights from Hotel del Coronado, walk the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, buy tickets for Switchfoot’s online Bro-Am show to support charities, and more. Read about events this weekend here.

Enjoy your weekend!