Protecting Adolescent Brain Development - Virtual Forum

Join Us! Upcoming parent & student virtual forum, ‘Protecting Adolescent Brain Development’ on 3/23 from 6-7:30pm. North Coastal Prevention Coalition, Vista Community Clinic, MPI and Institute for Behavior and Health will be hosting the event. The forum will be highlighting how to protect adolescent brain development from substance such as marijuana. Spanish translation will be provided.

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Passenger’s vape pen catches fire during flight to Sacramento

A Southwest Airlines passenger had to put out a fire on a flight headed to Sacramento Wednesday when his vape pen overheated in his pocket. A report by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services says on a flight from San Diego to Sacramento, a passenger was in the plane’s bathroom when his vape pen started heating up in his pocket.

When he took it out, the report says the lithium battery in the e-cigarette started smoking and caught fire.

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Webinar: Pain and Pot: The Facts about Opioids and Marijuana

CCR consultant and MPI Key Leadership team member; Dr. Roneet Lev will be partnering with SAMSHA Region 9 PTTC for this informative webinar. The opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across the Pacific Southwest region. Many communities are receiving misleading and confusing information about prevention strategies to address it, such as using marijuana for pain management instead of prescription opioids. This webinar will discuss the opioid epidemic and the controversies surrounding the substitution of marijuana for pain management and whether or not it is helpful or harmful in this epidemic. The science and most recent data will be presented along with real, front-line stories from the emergency department.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the latest trends in the opioid epidemic.
  • Describe the basic chemistry of opioids and marijuana.
  • Identify five key reasons why marijuana should not be used to treat pain.

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Vaping marijuana linked to lung injury in teens, study says

"Without a doubt, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are unhealthy and not good for lungs. However, vaping marijuana appears even worse," she said.
"Since many teens who vape nicotine, also vape cannabis, I recommend parents treat all vaping as a risky behavior (just like alcohol or drug use)," Boyd said via email.

MPI at Spring Jam Virtual Leadership Conference

MPI will be partnering with Friday Night Live for there annual Spring Jam virtual event. The event brings together middle school leadership with community partners to enhance prevention efforts. MPI will be speaking on March 3rd.

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