Association of High-Potency Cannabis Use With Mental Health and Substance Use in Adolescence

This study provides the first general population evidence suggesting that the use of high-potency cannabis is associated with mental health and addiction. Limiting the availability of high-potency cannabis may be associated with a reduction in the number of individuals who develop cannabis use disorders, the prevention of cannabis use from escalating to a regular behavior, and a reduction in the risk of mental health disorders.

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Be a Champion for Prevention: Marijuana Policy in the Time of COVID-19

During our Pacific Southwest Listening Sessions for Prevention Practitioners on doing prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic, a concern that was frequently raised was about local and state marijuana policies and regulations shifting to accommodate businesses during COVID-19 restrictions without public health considerations. Some of the questions raised during these sessions included concerns about the increased availability of marijuana in the COVID-19 environment. Others expressed concern about marijuana dispensaries being deemed essential businesses by state leaders. Many were concerned that these new practices will contribute to increased substance misuse and continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

To respond to these concerns, we are holding this important discussion session with experts in this area. If you share these concerns, please join us to learn how YOU can be a champion for prevention!

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LA firefighters injured in blaze and explosion at hash oil maker

An explosion and fire at a commercial building in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night has wounded 11 firefighters, the LA Fire Department said in a statement. AP describes the business as a "hash oil manufacturer."

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Cannabis Use and Fungal Infections in a Commercially Insured Population, United States

In this large commercially insured population in the United States, cannabis use was associated with a higher prevalence of certain fungal infections. Although these infections were uncommon, they can result in substantial illness and even death, particularly in immunocompromised persons.

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MPI - New Key Leadership team member - Dr. Roneet Lev

Welcome Dr. Lev! MPI is proud to add Dr. Roneet Lev to the San Diego County Marijuana Prevention Initiative Key Leadership team. Roneet Lev, MD FACEP was the first Chief Medical Officer of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, ONDCP. Lev is dually board certified in emergency and addiction medicine, bringing over 25 years of experience treating the frontline cases of addiction. She came to the White House as chief of the emergency department at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. In 2012, she established and chaired the San Diego Prescription Drug Abuse Medical Task Force. She is Founder and President of IEPC, Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium, an organization providing collaboration to independent emergency departments in California.