High potency weed linked to psychotic episodes, mysterious vomiting illness in young users

One day in fall 2018, Bo Gribbon began to vomit and couldn’t stop. He threw up multiple times an hour from morning to night before his mother drove him to the hospital near their home here.

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A group of doctors from around the world recently formed a new and unique medical organization that aims to take the politics out of cannabis and focus solely on research regarding the short- and long-term effects of its use. The Marijuana Prevention Initiative (MPI) of San Diego County hosted a news conference in May to introduce the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC). The non-partisan nonprofit is a medical organization of doctors who educate on cannabis based on the scientific and medical literature. The group was created to facilitate informed decisions when considering cannabis policy and law.

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Juul to pay $40m in US lawsuit over teen targeting claims

E-cigarette maker Juul has agreed to settle a lawsuit with a US state that accused the firm of marketing its products to young people.

Juul will pay $40m (£29m) to North Carolina over six years and will change its advertising in the region.The vape pen manufacturer did not, however, admit any wrongdoing as part of the settlement. A Juul spokesman said: "This settlement is consistent with our ongoing effort to reset our company.

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Drug overdose-reversal medication now free in response to San Diego's rising fentanyl deaths

In response to the growing number of drug overdose deaths in San Diego County, a new health officer order will allow an overdose reversal medication to be readily available to the public.

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The marijuana industry is growing in San Diego County. We must protect our children.

Research shows that early marijuana use is detrimental to youth. Not only is early marijuana use associated with poor school performance, higher dropout rates and impacted emotional health, a recent study finds that early cannabis use is linked to self-harm and mortality in youth already experiencing mood disorders. We need to pay special attention to these new findings today, since we know that many of our youth were hit especially hard socially and emotionally by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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