US Researchers Find Increased Likelihood of Arrhythmia Hospitalization in Youth With CUD

Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) was associated with a 47%-52% increased likelihood of arrhythmia hospitalizations in the younger population. The risk of association was controlled for confounders including other substances. Atrial fibrillation was the most prevalent arrhythmia raising concerns for stroke and other embolic events. This large national study compared 570,000 patients ages 15-54 who were admitted to the hospital between 2010-2014 for a primary diagnosis of arrhythmia (irregular heart rate). These patients were compared to 67,662,082 patients who did not have arrhythmia in the hospital.


North County teens warn of negative impacts marijuana has on mental health

In March 2021, the Be the Resistance Club partnered with the Institute for Behavior and Health and the Center for Community Research's Marijuana Prevention Initiative to facilitate a virtual community forum for teens and parents.  Nearly 70 participants joined and learned how substance use impacts adolescent brain development.

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Supervisors Back Plan to Permanently Close Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to increase law enforcement of illegal marijuana shops in unincorporated areas. The proposal by Supervisor Joel Anderson allows the county to speed up the receivership process, allowing the county to take control of properties whose owners have repeatedly violated the law by illegally selling cannabis.

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U.S. officials make huge drug bust

Federal authorities made what they called one of the largest methamphetamine busts in U.S. history last week, finding more than 5,528 pounds of the drug inside a semitrailer that crossed from Mexico at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego.

Agents also found more than 127 pounds of fentanyl inside the commercial truck, which had California license plates and was being driven by a Mexican citizen, authorities said.

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Webinar: Advocating for Advocacy in Prevention

Advocacy is an important component of substance misuse prevention. Advocacy is a powerful tool that helps to educate and inform policymakers yet is often viewed with some apprehension due to fears of lobbying. This webinar will address advocacy vs. lobbying and define tangible examples of prevention advocacy to support public health and prevention efforts. Specific strategies will be discussed as examples of what prevention practitioners can and should do to advocate for substance misuse prevention in their communities and states.

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