Good public health policies comes at the cost of an individual’s convenience. I see it in the ER.

I am jealous of the efforts for car safety. We desperately need the same multidisciplinary approach for drugs and addiction. Sadly, wise public health decisions are getting pushed aside for economic benefit and the call for individual freedom. For example, electronic cigarettes hit the market without appropriate public health consideration. The industry used an untested health claim that vaping helps tobacco cessation to promote its products. However, epidemiologic studies show that for every one adult who quits cigarettes using e-cigarettes, 80 adolescents who never smoked will eventually become daily smokers through e-cigarette use.

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NEW Podcast from Dr. Roneet Lev - High Truths!

MPI is proud to announce a new podcast from our Leadership team member Dr. Roneet Lev. Dr. Roneet Lev, an emergency and addiction doctor who has served as the first Chief Medical Officer of  the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, ONDCP and still practices on the front lines.

On High Truths, you will learn from experts, hear stories from the emergency department, and listen to people who have struggled from addiction. On each episode, our experts will answer a question from You, our listeners.

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SLO County judge rules to ban billboards advertising marijuana along CA highways

A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge ruled on Friday that billboards advertising marijuana will no longer be allowed along California highways.

Judge Ginger Garrett ruled against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control striking down a 2019 regulation it had adopted that allowed for the advertising of cannabis on billboards on virtually all portions of California’s highways that cross its border.

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An Expanding Marijuana Industry Risks Addicting Teens

Too many teens believe marijuana is harmless. Despite what many say about marijuana being good for your health, I can say otherwise. I have witnessed family members use marijuana and other drugs, and have seen how it can spiral out of control. They started using marijuana in high school, became obsessed with it, and it consumed their lives.

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Community Presentation - Dr. Roneet Lev - Marijuana as Medicine Fact vs Fiction

MPI will be hosting an informative presentation via zoom about Marijuana as Medicine Fact vs Fiction on December 15th at noon. There is much debate about the use of marijuana as a medicine. Dr. Roneet  Lev is an Emergency/Addiction Physician at Scripps Mercy San Diego and the Former Chief Medical Officer, White Office of National Drug Control Policy, ONDCP will present current medical literature and information regarding its use. For questions or information about this event go to the contact us page.

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