Drugged Driving Resources

Center for Community Research (CCR) is partnering with the Vision Zero impaired driving campaign to counter historic numbers of DUI cases, as multi-substances have been implicated in many local traffic fatalities. CCR, in collaboration with numerous community partners, has joined forces to raise awareness about polydrug use and driving.

This innovative campaign is focused on sensible upstream prevention methods to reduce polydrug use, increase driver education and awareness, and promote responsible decisions such as ridesharing. Our vision is to stop the rising numbers of preventable impaired driving related crashes, eliminate fatalities, and keep our communities safe.
CPHI collaborates with the University of California San Diego.

Vision Zero DUI Campaign Media Event

DUI-Related Materials

CPHI collaborates with the University of California San Diego Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) to disseminate information to raise awareness about driving under the influence (DUI), including cannabis and prescription medications, which are a major cause of motor vehicle crashes. TREDS delivers training to both teens and adults in an effort to prevent DUI.

DUID Tip Card – English


DUID Tip Card – Spanish


Steer Clear – Online Teen Class

A young woman in the front seat of a car, wearing a seat belt

Cannabis Public Health Initiative (CPHI)

The San Diego County Cannabis Public Health Initiative (CPHI) works to reduce youth access to cannabis by increasing public awareness regarding the adverse effects resulting from youth cannabis use. Our efforts are aimed at providing the science behind youth cannabis use and its public health impacts.

Data-Informed Practice
Metrics to Guide Community-Level Prevention