Helping those in need by donating blood

Right now, both the San Diego Blood Bank and American Red Cross are offering antibody testing for those who donate blood. While this test does not show if someone actively has the virus, it tells donors if they have had the virus previously. The presence of the COVID-19 antibodies in the blood can indicate who might be able to donate plasma to help treat critically ill coronavirus patients. Even for those who have not had COVID-19, donating one unit of blood may save the lives of up to three people!

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Developing A Growth Mindset

Psychologist Carol Dweck created the idea of two opposing mindsets, the fixed mindset and a growth mindset. An individual’s mindset is formed early in life but is completely possible to be changed and developed.

A fixed mindset assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static and that we cannot change them in any meaningful way. It further assumes that success is the affirmation of that existing intelligence and an assessment of how those abilities measure up against an equally fixed standard. Those with a fixed mindset strive for success and avoid failure at all costs as a way of maintaining the sense of being smart or skilled.

On the other hand, a growth mindset thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for enhancing our existing abilities. A growth mindset is applicable to many settings – personal relationships, work, school, sports, and so on. The benefits of this mindset are that the internal monologue is not one of judgment but one of an appetite for learning, constantly seeking out the kind of input that can blossom into learning and constructive action. As one works to develop their growth mindset, they tend to reach higher levels of happiness and greater achievement.

To learn more and find 15 ways to build a growth mindset, read this article from Psychology Today.  




Medication Assisted Treatment Resource Card

The Healthcare Taskforce, a subcommittee of the Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force (PDATF), recently developed a resource card with information on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The resource card covers a variety of topics including an overview of addiction, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and how stigma adversely impacts individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders.

The resource card is available for download here.

For more information and support, call 2-1-1.




Highlights of The Week

Hi all! Here are some highlights from this week.

  • National Prevention week has brought more awareness to mental health and/or substance use disorders. Learn more on
  • A community Facebook page was created to celebrate San Diego’s graduating seniors. Here, family members can post their grad and some of their accomplishments. Then, individuals interested in "adopting" a senior can contact their parents for more information to send the student a sweet gift. Read about it here.
  • Today, the U.S. Air Force Squadron, the Thunderbirds, will fly over San Diego to recognize healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential personnel while standing in solidarity with all Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read here and see their flight path.

Have a nice weekend!



National Prevention Week

In addition to May being Mental Health Monday, this week is National Prevention Week! This is an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, mental health and/or substance use disorders.

According to SAMHSA, the three primary goals of National Prevention Week (NPW) are to:

  • Involve communities in raising awareness of substance use and mental health issues and in implementing prevention strategies, and showcasing effectiveness of evidence-based prevention programs
  • Foster partnerships and collaborations with federal agencies and national organizations dedicated to improving public health
  • Promote and disseminate quality substance use prevention and mental health promotion resources and publications.


NPW is a public education platform that promotes prevention year-round through providing ideas, capacity building, tools, and resources to help individuals and communities make substance use prevention happen every day.

Find out more at and follow along with the daily themes on Twitter with the hashtags #NationalPreventionWeek and #PreventionHappensHere.