Virtual Tours Around the World

As we enter summer, we recognize that many summer vacations and family trips are being cancelled. Travel and Leisure has made a list of 100+ things to do at home during quarantine that can try to make up for not being able to go this year. From this list, you can go on virtual tours and go sightseeing around the world with these virtual destinations. Some highlights from the list were tours of Europe’s famous castles, virtual train rides from around the world, visuals of Aruba or Saint Lucia to enjoy island life, and some hotels are even live streaming to make you feel like you’re on vacation. Fortunately, you can also explore museums, art, theater, and culture at home, too! When else can you explore Machu Picchu and then immediately see the inside of the Louvre?


Practicing Mindfulness

In the past few weeks, we have discussed many ways to take care of yourself – including physical health, keeping your brain stimulated, gratitude journaling, and mindfulness. Reinforcing the benefits of mindfulness, we wanted to share some resources from YouTube with you.

A 5 minute meditation you can do anywhere -

A 10 minute mindfulness meditation -

A TED talk about how living in the present moment has a transformative power -

Another TED talk about how mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains -

A cute animation why mindfulness is a superpower -

We hope resources like these are helping you to stay positive and healthy!



Highlights of the Week

This week, people from around the county have continued their good, positive work. Some highlights include:

  • The “Restaurants for the People” initiative is helping restaurants by paying them to feed people struggling during the COVID-19 crisis - Read about it here.
  • A 10-year-old from Connecticut has given away 1,500 art kits to kids in foster care and homeless shelters during quarantine - Learn about it here.
  • An organization called Love Beyond Walls brings portable sinks to people experiencing homelessness to help curb coronavirus - Watch the story here.

More good news can be found at the Good News Network, Upworthy, and Good News from Today.


CCR to Present at the Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference

CCR will be presenting virtually at the 2020 Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference in August! This conference is an opportunity to network and learn about the important issues and trends affecting SUD prevention, treatment, and recovery. The conference program balances valuable workshops and sessions for county leaders, SUD treatment providers, counselors, prevention groups, SUD researchers and academics, SUD policymakers and advocates, community organizations, and those in recovery.

We are very excited to be discussing What We’ve Learned Since Marijuana was Legalized.

Highlights of the Week

This week we were uplifted by stories of hope, positivity, and life!

  • This week on America’s Got Talent, San Diego’s Voices of Our City Choir, made up of persons experiencing homelessness, wowed audiences and received a Golden Buzzer taking them to the finale. Watch their performance and learn their story here.
  • As the typically vibrant Gaslamp District went silent, artists turned the boarded-up storefronts into colorful paintings and positive messages. Messages read “Things will be okay,” and included messages of love, hope, and strength. Read about the transformation here. 
  • The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park have been staying busy! This week the Zoo took 300 high school students on a virtual tour through the elephant exhibit, followed by a stop at the giraffes encounter. Read about it here. At the Safari Park, two rhino calves explored the savanna for the first time. Read about the calves here.