Voices of Hope

In the series Voices of Hope, we provide a platform for people with lived experience to share their stories of recovery and hope. In this video, Jovita shares her story about her victory over substance use disorder and how she has been able to help others

If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, know that recovery is possible. Call for information about residential and outpatient drug treatment programs at 1 (888) 724-7240 or 2-1-1.



CCR at the Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference

Great job to our team who recently presented virtually at the Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference! Their presentation is now available online. To view, go to the below link, find our presentation entitled “What We’ve Learned Since Marijuana was Legalized” in the 3:15pm timeslot, and register for free. There are several other presentations you may be interested in, as well.


Meth and Families Committee Newsletter

In the August edition of the Meth and Families Quarterly Newsletter, a story of hope and recovery was told. Following the mission of the Committee to support families recovering together, the newsletter shares a story of a woman who struggled with a substance use disorder and how she was guided through the system and able to again provide her children a secure and stable home. She had the support of recovery programs and later transitioned into helping others navigate and continue their life in recovery with their families. Read her story and find various resources in the link attached below.

The newsletter is available for viewing and download here.

United we Stand


Suicide Prevention Week

This week, September 6th through 12th, is Suicide Prevention Week, and tomorrow Thursday, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day. This year, the focus of the week is on the intersection of suicide prevention, alcohol and drug use, and efforts that foster resilience and recovery.

At you can find tools, posters, social media posts, Zoom backgrounds, articles, activities, and more to help your organization with Suicide Prevention Week planning and implementation.