Webinars on Health and Human Rights

One in five Americans has experienced a mental health issue. Those from marginalized communities have compounded effects, as mental health illnesses are not uniformly treated. The goal of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights virtual series is to address key areas of disparity in mental health treatment.

Recorded webinars on various dimensions of health and human rights can be found at the following website: https://www.2020healthsummit.org/webinars.

Topics of webinars include the toll of white supremacy and trauma on mental health, states’ failing mental health parity laws, mental health among young people in marginalized communities, and trauma informed care relating to gender-based and intersectionality-based violence. Each webinar has a group of distinguished panelists from a variety of fields. You can find a list of resources relating to each issue as you watch the webinar, as well.


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