Voting Information

Did you know voting for the Presidential General Election looks a little different this year? We are a little under a month away from the Election, but we wanted to share information about the changes made to the voting process in response to COVID-19 to allow voters to exercise their right to vote in a safe, secure, and accessible manner. This year, all active registered voters in California will receive a ballot in the mail. The ballots would have been mailed by yesterday, October 5th. You can mail back your ballot or return it to an official mail ballot drop-off location.

The other option, if you need to vote in person, is to go to your polling place. Polling places will be open for four days from October 31st to November 3rd. There are fewer polling places than in previous elections, so the location of your assigned poll might have changed.

Visit to learn more about checking your voter registration (including your address), what is on your ballot, learn facts about voting by mail, where polling places are, or if you are a first-time voter you can register to vote in under 2 minutes!



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